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Website of the Month: Newsday's The Stock Market Game (SMG)

Week 1

Wednesday, September 6

Class work: Welcome to my new students! Introductions and review of rules and procedures. Students will be introduced to the material to be covered in career & college prep

Homework: Purchase a view binder by Monday, September 11. Send me an e-mail for homework. All AUPs must be submitted by Friday, September 8. Print a copy from this website

Thursday, September 7

Class work:

  • Begin Unit 7: Consumer Rights and Responsibilities and Lesson 28.1 "Our Free Enterprise System"
  • Take an economics pretest to measure your prior knowledge of the basics of economics
  • View a PPT on the Basics of Economics
  • Let’s read the “Up Front” on page 796 and talk about it
  • Make a list of the goods/services you have purchased in the last two weeks. Did you get maximum satisfaction from them for the $$ spent? Do you buy American products first? Why or why not?
  • Do you agree that consumers have the right to purchase the best value, regardless of who makes the product? Why or why not?

Homework:. Have all forms signed. Begin to read Chapter 28 in your text. Pages 797 through 802.

Friday, September 8--AUP FORMS DUE!!

Class Work:

  • Hand in all signed forms

Homework: Read pages 804 to 808. Be sure to have your binder tomorrow


Week 2--September 11 through September 15

Monday, September 11

Class work:

Homework: Begin to study for a quiz on Wednesday.

Tuesday, September 12

Class work:

Homework: Study and read chapter 28.1-- Print a copy of the US Economic Systems Key Terms

Wednesday, September 13

Class work:

Homework:. None

Thursday, September 14

Class Work:

  • View a PowerPoint on Fraudulent and Deceptive Practices
  • Understand the terms bait and switch, low-balling, fake sales, referral sales, pyramid schemes, pigeon drop.
  • Look at several infomercials
  • Discuss how to be a responsible consumer by shopping wisely, staying informed, and seeking redress when they have a consumer problem

Homework: Read pages 804 to 809 and complete page 261(handout)

Friday, September 15

Class work:

Homework: None


Week 3--September 18 through September 22

Monday, September 18

Class work:

Homework: None

Tuesday, September 19

Class work:

  • Check and review homework on Chapter 28.1 and 28.2.
  • Visit the FTC website and explore a variety of articles relating to consumer redress
  • Work independently to complete workbook activities 28.2 through 28.4 on reading the label, correcting an error, and reading the warranty
  • Review the facts and ideas presented in Chapter 28, Lessons 28.1 and 28.2
  • Complete the Q & A on pages 264 and 265 in your workbook for discussion in class

Wednesday & Thursday, September 20 & 21

Class work:

Homework: Complete workbook pages 282 for homework if you cannot finish it in class

Friday, September 22

Class work:

Home work: None


Week4--September 25 through September 29

Monday, September 25

Class work:

  • Understand how to create a simple personal business letter and an e-mail
  • Draft an e-mail to an elected official of your choice, expressing your concerns or opinions about a consumer issue of your choice.
  • Type the letter to your elected official or an e-mail
  • Discuss other avenues of redress
  • Handout on business letter basics

Home work: Study for a quiz on Wednesday.

Tuesday, September 26

Class work:

  • Review for a quiz tomorrow on Chapter 29--take an online practice quiz
  • Type a consumer complaint letter using a supplied letter template
  • Include three paragraphs--intro, problem, resolution

Homework: Read pages 331 to 334. Study for a quiz on Wednesday on Chapter 29

Wednesday & Thursday, September 27

Class work:

  • Quiz on chapter 29
  • Begin Chapter 12 in your textbook of "Investing in Stocks," page 330
  • View a PPT on Stocks 101
  • Describe the features of common stock and compare it to preferred stock
  • Define stockholders, dividends, capital, and proxy
Homework: Revise your letter that was returned today and submit it for additional points

Friday, September 29

Class work:


Week 5--October 3 through October 6

Tuesday, October 3

Class work:

Homework: None

Wednesday, October 4 and Thursday, October 5

View a portion of a DVD on the stock market

  • Using one of the following web sites:

  • As a team, choose three stocks you might wish to invest in. Once you've chosen a stock, you must prepare a short presentation explaining why you decided on that stock. The paper/presentation should include the following information:
    1. The name of the stock and some background on the company. What does it produce? How long has it been around? How many offices does the company have? Is it an International company? Where are the company's offices?
    2. Details on the stock. What is it currently trading at? What has it done over the past year?
    3. At least two recent news items. Is the company releasing any new products? Is it merging with anyone else?
    4. Explain why you would or wouldn't invest in this stock. Use specific data to back up your decision. In your explanation, use terms such as the P/E, news items, historical figures, et

Homework for Thursday: Read the New York Stock Exchange Made Easy; Complete a worksheet entitled, "The New York Stock Exchange Made Easy."

Friday, October 6

Class work:

  • Complete and hand in your company research project
  • Understand "margin" and "short sell"
  • Review the rules of the SMG game

Homework: Print and read "Doodling in the Margin"


Week 6--October 10 through October 13

Let the GAMES begin!!! Welcome to the Stock Market Game!

Tuesday, October 10

Class work:

Homework: Complete your reading stock quote tables assignment to be handed in tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 11

Class Work:
  • Check your portfolio online and make any adjustments (sell/buy) that you need to do
  • Review for a quiz tomorrow on pages 330 to 337

Homework: Read pages 330 to 337 as a review. Complete the review sheet and study

Thursday, October 12

Class Work:

Homework: None

Friday, October 13

Class Work:

Homework: None



Monday, October 16

Class work:

Homework: Read chapter 12.2, pages 339 through350; Continue to work on your questions on page 354.

Tuesday, October 17

Class Work:
  • Check the weekly stats on your portfolio
  • Discuss copyrights and copycats and their relationship to the rise and fall of stocks
  • This issue describes how technological changes and the Internet are radically changing the music industry and challenging the intellectual property rights (copyright laws) on which it depends
  • Print, read and answer questions relating to the Napster issue
  • Complete your questions on page 354--due today

Homework: None

Wednesday, October 18

Class Work:

  • To understand "short selling" and buying on margin
  • Read and discuss a two-page handout on short selling
  • Consider buying one "short sell" stock and add it to your portfolio
  • Understand how MS Excel can be used to set up your stock portfolio and make simple calculations

Homework: None

Thursday & Friday, October 19 & 20--SUBSTITUTE TEACHER

Class Work:

Homework: Study for a quiz on the following terms: Short sell, margin, copyright, margin accounts, stock sell consent form, maintenance requirement, over-the-counter, Dow Jones, leverage, and all the terms in 12.2. The quiz will be next Tuesday, October 23.


WEEK 8: OCTOBER 23 through OCTOBER 27

Monday, October 23

Class Work:

Homework: Read pages 2 - 7 in your textbook. Purchase a "view binder" that you will use for your career portfolio. Study for a quiz tomorrow

Tuesday, October 24

Class Work:

Wednesday, October 25

Class Work:

  • View a PPT show on "Job Analysis "
  • Complete an assignment on work characteristics and benefits

Homework: None

Thursday, October 26

Class Work:

  • Log into
  • Use the following to enter the site: ID 2859408 and Password R86S1218
  • Set up an account and begin to take the Interest Profiler. There are 150 questions. I will check tomorrow to see your progress. You should have completed a minimum of 100 questions.

Homework: None

Friday, October 27

Class work:

  • Visit Guidance Direct and complete your Interest Profiler
  • Review and discuss the results of the profile

Homework: None



Monday, October 30

Class Work:



Homework: None

Tuesday, October 31

Class Work:
  • Check the weekly stats on your portfolio.
  • Understand the negative features of employment including employee expenses and work characteristics.
  • Identify the resources available to explore the positive and negative features of a career
  • Define the term "entrepreneur"
  • Create a list of all the jobs that you would consider.
  • Complete the DOT clipping page in your workbook--page 4 and the self assessment page 6

Homework: Read your textbook pages 2 through 11.

Wednesday, November 1

Class Work:

Homework: Purchase a 1" view binder for Monday, November 6.

Thursday, November 2

Class Work:
  • Check the weekly stats on your portfolio
  • Understand the terms technology, job analysis, and networking
  • Discuss and understand long-term planning and the world ecomony
  • Create a cover page for your Career Project Portfolio using digital images

Homework: Reread chapter 1 in our textbook

Friday, November 3

Substitute--Complete a supplied handout and check your stock (answer key instructor only) Submit the assignment for a grade.



Monday, November 6

Class Work:

Homework: Study for a quiz on Thursday

Wednesday, November 8

Class Work:

  • Begin to assemble Part I of your career portfolio--pride list, story and goals.
  • Use a prepared Word template to create part 1A of your portfolio (Part 1A document)

Homework: None

Thursday, November 9

Class work:

Homework: Compete your pride and experience list as well as your objectives page by Monday



Monday, November 13 -- ALL PART A and B WORK IS DUE THIS FRIDAY

Class work:

  • View a PPT show on Chapter 2 (notes handout provided)
  • Define identity, values, aptitude, interest, interests, lifestyle, and goals
  • List the reasons why people work and factors that affect career choices (Lesson 2.1)
  • Begin to assemble Part I of your career portfolio--pride list, story and goals.
  • Use a prepared Word template to create part 1A of your portfolio (Part 1A document)

Tuesday, November 14

Class work:

  • Develop your pride list of accomplishments and complete the next page of your portfolio
  • Write a well-developed paragraph describing the time in your life that you were most proud of an accomplishment
  • Identify and describe good career planning techniques (Lesson 2.1)
  • Itemize and explain good job search techniques, and formulate a personal plan of action to get the job you want
    (Lesson 2.2)

Wednesday, November 15

Class work:

  • Type your pride page and add it to your portfolio
  • Design and print a copy of the header that will be used throughout your portfolio project
  • Your list should be professional in appearance.

Thursday, November 16

Class work:

  • Discuss the importance of a job application and the correct fashion in which to complete it
  • Review several different types of applications and discuss the legal issues involved
  • Locate a "help wanted " ad in Newsday that you would like to apply for and include it in your portfolio
  • Discuss the "verbiage" of the help wanted ad
  • Discuss and complete a sample "application."
  • Submit your portfolio for a grade on part I at the end of class on Friday.
  • The rubric is on page 3 of your packet.

Homework: Complete your application if you haven't done so in class

Friday, November 17

Class work:

  • All work in Part I is due today. Ten points will be deducted for each day that it is late.
  • List sources of job opportunity information (Lesson 2.2)
  • Complete page 7 in your workbook, section 1 vocabulary. We will review it together in class.

Homework: Read pages 35 to 43 in your text book. There will be a quiz on Wednesday, November 22. Study link for quiz.

WEEK 12: November 20 through November 22

Monday, November 20


Tuesday, November 21 & Wednesday, November 22

Class work:

  • All work in Part I is due Wednesday. Ten points will be deducted for each day that it is late.
  • Hand in: Portfolio cover, binder, goals/objectives, application,

Homework: None


WEEK 13: November 27 through December 1

Monday, November 27

Class Work:

  • Understand the terms contact, locked in, work history, follow up, and identity
  • There will be a quiz Wednesday.
  • .Study link for quiz.

Homework: Study for a quiz on Chapter 2 and take the online practice if you like.

Tuesday, November 28

Make up day for Part I of Career Portfolio & InvestWrite Stock Project

Wednesday, November 29

Class Work:

Homework: Read pages 49 through 54 in your text--lesson 3.1

Thursday, November 30

Class Work:

  • Prepare a rough draft of a letter of application (cover letter) that includes the "interest, desire, and action" paragraphs
  • Create a "letterhead" that will be used in for your cover letter and resume and all job application correspondence

Homework: Complete your handwritten draft of your cover letter. Get a current transcript from the guidance department and bring it to class tomorrow

Friday, December 1

Class Work:

  • Guest Speaker from Cambridge Brighton Financial Planners

Homework: Get a copy of your current transcript from the guidance department.


WEEK 14: DECEMBER 4 through DECEMBER 8 (Career Portfolio)

Monday, December 4

Class Work:

  • Compete your cover letter and envelope for your portfolio and submit
  • Review the parts of the "letter of application" (sales letter)
    • return address
    • letter address
    • salutation
    • body
    • complimentary close

Homework: Review pages 49 through 54 in your text--lesson 3.1

Tuesday, December 5

Class Work:

Homework: Explore the two sites presented in class today and be prepared to discuss one or two things you learned about the site during your visit. Get a copy of your transcript from guidance to be included in your portfolio (due by Friday)

Wednesday, December 6

Class Work:

  • Identify the 10 hottest careers for college graduates (pages 2-3 in your packet)
  • List 3 occupations/careers that appeal to you; identify 3 other fields that are interesting but that you know little or nothing about
  • Understand and discuss how to turn interests into jobs (page 4)
  • Complete a careers and majors worksheet and submit it for a quiz grade (use as the resource)

Homework: Complete any work that you were unable to get to in class

Thursday, December 7

Class Work:

  • Identify the colleges that offer the major you are interested in
  • Understand how to use the "college matchmaker" located on the college board site
  • Begin to complete a college comparison packet that will be due on Tuesday, December 13
  • Print a copy of the college comparison worksheet that you will need

Homework: Complete any work that you were unable to get to in class

Friday, December 8

Class Work: Patty Hulmes from


WEEK 15: December 11 through December 15

Monday & Tuesday, December 11 & 12

Class Work:

  • Understand how to use the "college matchmaker" located on the college board site
  • Begin to complete a college comparison packet that will be due on Tuesday, December 13
  • Print a copy of the college comparison worksheet that you will need
  • Identify and define: public vs private college, school location, academics, cost, minimum GPA, SAT and ACT scores, filing deadlines, essays, recommendations
  • Complete your college comparison worksheet and submit it for a grade

Wednesday, December 13


  • Get a copy of your transcript from guidance to be included in your portfolio (due on Friday, December 16)

Thursday, December 14

Class Work:

  • Identify the types of formats that can be used to "key" your resume including
  • Using the guidelines in your packet and in your book, begin to type your resume
  • Include an objective, education, work experience, additional qualifications and references
  • Review for a quiz on Lesson 3.1

Homework: Study

Friday, December 15

Class Work: Patty Hulmes from




Monday, December 18

Class Work:

Homework: Study for a quiz tomorrow

Tuesday, December 19

  • Quiz on Lesson 3.1
  • Complete and/or revise your resume
  • Understand how to create a scannable or faxable resume
  • Print out a copy of a scannable resume and place it in your portfolio

Wednesday, December 20 through Friday, December 22

  • Character education movie: Pay it Forward

Homework: None


WEEK 17: JANUARY 2 through JANUARY 5 (Career Portfolio)

Tuesday, January 2

Class Work:

  • Place your resumes in your portfolio and create a scannable resume
  • Submit the binder for a part II grade on the portfolio project

Wednesday, January 3

Class Work:

  • Begin Part III of your final Career Portfolio Project
  • Prepare for a job interview and list the methods of making a good first impression
  • Identify the sources available to "research" the company you will be working for
  • Review Lesson 3.2 in the textbook, pages 64 to 69

Thursday, January 4

Class Work:

Friday, January 5

Class Work:




Monday & Tuesday, January 8 and 9

Class work:

  • Mock interviews to be videotaped Monday
    • Becky
    • Jeff
    • Jim
    • Justin
    • Ashley
  • Mock interviews to be videotaped Tuesday
    • Mike, Darren, Mike
    • Alison, Britt

Wednesday, January 10 and Thursday, January 11

  • Explain the purpose of, describe the content of, and prepare a thank you letter
  • Review the basic terms associated with a thank you letter: body, complimentary close, letter address, return address, salutation, and notations
  • Prepare a rough draft of your thank you letter using the same "letterhead" that was used in your cover letter
  • Great site on writing thank you letters
  • Thank you letter FAQ
  • Create a thank you letter and submit it for a grade; use online resources to help create the letter

Friday, January 12

Class work: Guest Speaker Patti Hulmes

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