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SafeHomes is a parent networking campaign based on the belief that to prevent a child from using drugs, you need to create an atmosphere where drug use is not acceptable. One of the main reasons kids take drugs is pressure from peers. When parents join together and take a united stand against drug use, they become much more effective than if they act separately. Parents can benefit from the support of other parents by helping each other resist pressure from parents who do not set the same limits on their children's behavior.

What Are the Goals of the SafeHomes Parent Network Campaign?

That we will cooperate with schools, law enforcement agencies and young people to create a healthy atmosphere in which the use of alcohol and other drugs is no longer considered the norm.

In order to do this, we will support the following guidelines:

  1. We will develop and communicate a clear position about alcohol and other drug use.

  2. We will not allow parties and gatherings in our homes when we are not present.
  3. We will work toward strengthening school policy regarding the use of alcohol and other drugs.

  4. We will agree to support law enforcement policy regarding the use of alcohol and other drugs and encourage the use of appropriate discipline and treatment in dealing with offenders.

  5. We will not allow the illegal use of alcohol or other drugs in our home or
  6. on our property.

  7. We will communicate with other parents in our child's social circles.
If I join SafeHomes, won't my child think I don't trust him/her?

Trust does not have to be "blind trust." Parents have every right to question where their children are going, or what they are doing. Sometimes we need to love our children enough not to trust them. We need to realize that they are growing up in a world much different from the one in which we grew up. What was experimentation in the 50's and early 60's has become regular use. The statistics don't lie. We have an epidemic of drug/alcohol dependence among our young; and their dependence is growing by geometric proportions.

Members of SafeHomes can be open about their activities with their children. They may tell their children that they are members of a group because they care and want to be informed about the world in which the child is living. A child can always be told,” I love and trust you, but I don't trust the world in which you are growing and I need to know about that world in order to be a good parent to you." SafeHomes contracts are not legally binding, but are statements of concern and intent. SafeHomes and its members are not able to guarantee or enforce compliance.

Parents are the best protection young people have against drug abuse. Remember, friends don't set boundaries, parents do!

I Pledge To Provide A Safehome I Will Provide Adult Supervision For All Children Visiting My Home. I Will Provide A Secure Storage Place For All Forms Of Alcohol, Firearms And Other Potentially Hazardous Items. I Will Not Allow Parties Or Gatherings In My Home When I Am Not There. I Will Not Serve Nor Will I Allow Youth Under The Legal Drinking Age (21) To Consume Alcohol In My Home Or On My Property. I Wish For Communication With Any Parent Who Personally Observes My Child Using Alcohol Or Other Drugs. I Will Communicate With Any Safehomes Parent Of A Child I Personally Observe Using Alcohol Or Other Drugs.

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I give my permission to have my name and phone number included in the Safe Homes Directory (where published.)


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