Nick Pappas, Education Chairperson
Louise Timms, Industry Chairperson
Susan Wilson, Past Education Chairperson & Mike Poveromo, Past Industry Chairperson

2009-2010 School Year


The Rocky Point School District is excited to announce the creation of a school-to-work advisory board at Rocky Point High School in conjunction with the Long Island Works Coalition.

The Long Island Works Coalition is Long Island's first comprehensive effort to forge collaborative working relationships between employers and the educational community. It is an inclusive coalition that brings together business people, government officials, board of education members, administration, educators, parents and students. It will be aimed exclusively at the educational development and training of Long Island's student population in order to produce a workforce that has the skills businesses need and value.

The Rocky Point Advisory Board has selected the name Rocky Point Schools Career Advisory Partnership (Rocky Point CAP) and our mission is to bring career opportunities to students. The objectives of the Long Island Works Coalition and the Rocky Point Career Advisory Partnership will be implemented by:

  • Identifying the critical skills that are, and will be in the future, in demand by employers on Long Island; and
  • Developing education, training, information exchange and other initiatives designed to ensure that Long Island has a properly trained and educated workforce that possesses those skills.

“Business & Education Soaring to New Heights”
Partnership with Long Island Works Coalition
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