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Honor Society

The primary purpose of the Business and Marketing Honor Society of New York State is to recognize those students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in a secondary business/marketing program.


  • Students must be currently enrolled in business/marketing (fall and/or spring).
  • Seniors: Must complete 3 units in business/marketing by the end of the current school year.
  • Sophomores/Juniors: Must complete 2 units in business/marketing by the end of the current school year (student should be planning to continue for at least one additional credit prior to graduation).

Academic Requirements

  • GPA Business/Marketing Courses B+
  • GPA Overall B-

Extracurricular Involvement

Students selected for recognition will have also demonstrated both in the classroom and through extracurricular involvement:

  • Character (evidenced by teachers attesting to this quality).
  • Leadership (evidenced by committee chair positions, officer/chair or other lead positions in student organizations, civic/community leadership roles, etc.).
  • Service (evidenced by volunteer activities in the school and/or community, etc.)

Business & Marketing Honor Society of New York State
Rocky Point Honor Society Members

Chris DeMaio
Ben Paquette
Jason Rozet
Taralynn Sugarman
Kevin Tobiassen

Brielle DeLuca
Jessica Emert-Gioia
Amanda Heil
Alexis Juhase
Krystie Nowaski

Monique Gonzalez
Brittany Groth
Craig Horn
Heather Puckey
Justin Roy

Tara Dreuer

Katie Johnson

Kenneth Blinn
Michael Brand
Matthew Burke
Michael Edmonds
Tara Groth
Nicholas Vaccaro

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