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Instructor: Mrs. K. Coen
Course Length: 1 year
Course Credit: 1 credit
Grade Level: 10-12

Textbook: Law for Business and Personal Use, 17 ed.
Accompanying Web Site: Law for Business and Personal Use Xtra!

Citizen Law will explore how our justice system is structured and provide you with the knowledge to evaluate and apply these concepts to situations that affect your every day lives. You will actively engage in debates involving real-world topics. This will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the law as it affects you as individuals and members of society. You will research legal concepts and apply them to current legal issues. Participation in mock trials will allow you to experience our legal system in action. Citizen Law will provide you with the knowledge to make your own informed decisions in cases involving ethics and legal issues and provide you with a background of career opportunities in the legal field.

We will explore the following topics this year:

  • Unit 1: Laws, Justice, and You
  • Unit 2: Contract Law
  • Unit 3: The Law of Sales
  • Unit 4: Employment Law
  • Unit 5: Forensics in the Classroom

Please Note: When in the computer lab for special projects, students are expected to abide by the school’s Acceptable Use Policy at all times. Accounts will remain locked until the AUP form has been returned with the appropriate signatures.


Internet Resources:

Site Name: Law for Business and Personal Use Xtra!
URL Address:

Site Name: Citizen Law Resources on the Web
URL Address:

Site Name: U.S. Courts
URL Address:

Site Name: New York State Unified Court System
URL Address:

Site Name: New York Law Journal
URL Address:

Site Name: Town of Brookhaven
URL Address:

Site Name: Find Law
URL Address:

Site Name: Internet Law Library
URL Address:

Site Name: Legal Information Institute (LII)
URL Address:

Site Name: Court TV
URL Address:

Site Name: Street Law
URL Address:

Site Name: C Y B E R C R I M E
URL Address:

Class Projects and Assignments:

Site Name: Supreme Court Case Movie Poster WebQuest
URL Address:

Site Name: Forensics in the Classroom
URL Address:

Site Name: Hazing
URL Address:

Site Name: Employment of Minors WebQuest
URL Address:

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