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Honor Society

The primary purpose of the Business and Marketing Honor Society of New York State is to recognize those students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in a secondary business/marketing program.

Business & Marketing Honor Society of New York State
Rocky Point Honor Society Members


Nick Calace
Jamie Kirsch
Jennifer Wright

Chris DeMaio
Ben Paquette
Jason Rozet
Taralynn Sugarman
Kevin Tobiassen

Brielle DeLuca
Jessica Emert-Gioia
Amanda Heil
Alexis Juhase
Krystie Nowaski

Monique Gonzalez
Brittany Groth
Craig Horn
Heather Puckey
Justin Roy

Tara Dreuer

Katie Johnson

Kenneth Blinn
Michael Brand
Matthew Burke
Michael Edmonds
Tara Groth
Nicholas Vaccaro

The Rocky Point Business Education Department has been named the 2005-2006 New York State Region 1 Business/Marketing Education Department of the Year by the New York State Education Department Career and Technical Education Team.

Make the right move, choose Business Education...

The Business Education Department offers courses and programs to meet a wide variety of students' interests and needs. Accounting, computer applications, college prep, marketing, and law courses are all available for students to choose from. These courses provide students with the opportunity to explore future career decisions before graduating high school.

A large number of Rocky Point High School students who pursue two-year or four-year college degrees will major in some aspect of business or communications. This is not surprising when we consider that most of the jobs for the 21st century require a business and computer background.

We encourage all students to enroll in business courses while they are attending Rocky Point High School. These courses provide access to higher-paying employment as well as a sound foundation for a college education.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the courses we offer in addition to providing assistance in choosing a career path that is right for you!


The Business Education Staff
Lynne Basileo, Chairperson

Our Department

Lynne Basileo, Chairperson 744-1600 ext. 2525 E-mail

Kristin Coen 744-1600 ext. 2527 E-mail

Susan Wilson 744-1600 ext. 3067 E-mail

Awards and Club News

EduHound honored the Rocky Point Business Education Department
with its "Spotlight Classroom Award"

Our web site has been selected to appear in the April 6, 2006, issue of the EduHound Weekly newsletter, and will also be included on their Classroom Spotlight web page. EduHound is a web site created and maintained by T.H.E., the premier journal on educational technology. EduHound is a 'prescreened collection of more than 20,000 educational links in more than 50 categories that was created and is maintained by former classroom teachers and educational technology instructors.'

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