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Instructor: Mrs. K. Coen
Course Length: ½ year
Course Credit: ½ credit
Grade Level: 10-12
Complimentary Course: Fashion Marketing

Textbook: The Dynamics of Fashion
Class Web Site:

Fashion Apparel and Accessories will provide you with the opportunity to research the reasons for major changes in the fashion industry over the last 150 years as a background to understanding today’s industry. The fiber, fabric, leather, and fur industries are the primary suppliers of fashion. They are the foundation upon which the merchandisers and marketers of fashion build their ideas and designs that will answer the needs and wants of the customer. The accessories industry “finishes” our look on a daily basis. With the newest technology, these manufacturers are expanding fashion market segments and opportunities for careers within the fashion industry.
The following topics will be covered throughout the semester:

  • Fashion Development
  • Textiles: Fibers, Fabrics, and Trimmings
  • Leather and Fur
  • Accessories
  • Cosmetics and Fragrances
  • Producing a Fashion Show
  • Exploring a Career in Fashion

Please Note: When in the computer lab for special projects, students are expected to abide by the school’s Acceptable Use Policy at all times. Accounts will remain locked until the AUP form has been returned with the appropriate signatures.


Site Name: Fashion Apparel & Accessories Cyberspace Textbook
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Site Name: Historical Influential Designers WebQuest
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Site Name: Exploring a Career in Fashion
URL Address:

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